Friday, January 18th, 2019
Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 1400 Block of E. Lincoln Highway
Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
Dwelling Fire - 6300 Block of Fulton Avenue
Tuesday, January 15th, 2019
Traffic Accident Standby - 1300 Block of E. Lincoln Highway
Tuesday, January 15th, 2019
Fire Alarm- 30 Block of Hamlet Road
Join Penndel Fire Co.

As with any volunteer organization. Penndel Fire Co. is always looking for good men and women to become a part of our team. Whether it be as an active Firefighter, Fire Police, or Contributing member, we welcome all who wish to join. All you have to do is fill out an application by either downloading it here by clicking on the application tab, or stopping by the station located at 220 Centre St. in Penndel.

Once you have submitted your completed application, the Trustees of the company will begin the investigation process. Once that is complete, the members will vote based on the recommendation of the Trustees.

Once accepted, you will serve a 6 month probationary period at which time you can attend all company functions. New members with no firefighting experience will not be permitted to ride the apparatus unless given permission from an officer.  Experienced probationary firefighters will ride at the discretion of the company Chief. All new members will be required to Qualify on each individual piece of apparatus After your probationary period has ended, the members will vote to except or reject your full membership based on the recommendation of the Chief.

Upon being excepted as a full member, active firefighters will be required to make a minimum of 25% of all fire calls, 1 training drill per month {12 per year} and 7 regular meetings per year.{unless given an excuse due to sickness, school, or work}

All new members, upon completion of their probationary period will receive a copy of the companies Constitution and Bylaws, as well as our S.O.Gs. All requirements are explained in detail.

If you feel you may want to join, but have questions, you can stop by the station on any Tuesday night and there will be members on hand to help.

 Why be a Volunteer?

It's not for the money, It's not for the fame;
It's not for any personal gain.
It's just for love of fellow man; It's just to give a helping hand.
It's just to give a little of ones self,
thats something you can't buy with wealth.
It's not medals worn with pride; It's not for the feeling deep inside.
It's that reward down in your heart.
It's a feeling that you've been a part of helping others far and near.
That makes one want to be a Volunteer.


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